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Automated Testing for CA Plex and CA 2E

Check out this presentation on using Worksoft Certify to automatically test CA Plex and CA 2E applications. Although the presentation is oriented to CA Plex C++ interfaces, the tool can also be used with CA Plex WebClient, Java, C#, Web, and CA 2E 5250 among others. There is also strong integration with ERP systems like SAP – so if your shop using SAP with CA 2E or CA Plex, you can test apps end to end.

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Interview Question 4 Answer

What are the available contexts that you will find in an edit record and what are different contexts used for in the edit record? 
  • KEY       Key Screen
  • DTL       Detail Screen
  • DB1       Database File
  • PAR       Parameters
  • PGM      Current Program
  • JOB       Current job information
  • LCL       Local work context
  • WRK      Global work context
  • CND      Conditions
  • CON      Constants

Contexts are an interesting feature of Synon 2E. A context is a way to group fields together.  For example, several fields can be placed in the parameter (PAR) context to send values into or out of a function.  There can also be fields in a function that are placed into the local (LCL) context.  Different contexts are available at different points in the function so it is important to understand where you will need the value assigned to a field.  If you place the field and value in the wrong context you may not have access to the value when you need it.

In order to use a field the field must be defined in the model and it must be placed into a context that is used within a function.


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