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Add User Macro Capability to Web Option Screens

Web Option allows you to set up screens so users can record their own macros. This is a great way to give users more control over what they do on their screens on the Web.

In order to add this capability to a specific screen follow these simple steps.

1.   Add a one character field on to a screen. This allows you to place the macro drop down any place on the screen you want.  The field will not contain any data. It is used only as a place holder. womacro01

2. Next you need to add and element customization to the screen.  Web Option allows you to customize any element on the screen in this case we only need to customize the new field you just added.  The customization will change how the field displays in the web.



3. Now you need to look for file YSCRIPT in your Web Option environment.  By default it has one member in it. You will need to add a new member to the file for each user that will have the ability to create macros.  The member you add for each user must be the same as their login id. So if your user’s log in id is BILLB the member needs to be called BILLB in YSCRIPT.  You will also need to set the authority in the member to *ALL.



4. Regenerate the Function and the HTML for the function.

5. Now it works best to end the Web Option server and the Web server and then start them back up again.  Any time a new member is added to Y2SCRIPT the Web Option server needs to be restarted.

6. Go to the screen that contains the macro drop down from your Web Option URL. You will see the field that has the macro capability added to it.


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