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CA 2E Modernization – One Step at a Time Conquering the Modernization Mountain

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

The push to modernize has made people believe they have to leap from the base to the top of the IBM i modernization mountain.  At the basecamp, you find you can’t deliver on key business requirements.  The framework simply won’t get you there.  So, you are motivated to climb.  Some possible approaches include:

  1. Rewriting the application in Java, .Net or PHP
  2. Replacing the application with a commercial applications
  3. Migrating the code using automated tools
  4. Rewriting the user interface with a modern html/css/javascript front-end
  5. Utilizing a screen scraper to modify the existing user interface into a modern html/css/Javascript front end.

They’re each viable options.  But every one of them comes with some good and bad characteristics.  In truth, there is no silver bullet.  But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it looks.  The mountain can be scaled in steps.  At CM First, we have found this the most cost-effective and business-effective approach.

Ideally, you will want your entire application to be migrated to CA Plex because then you can reap significant benefits.  From atop this new mountain, the development ‘vista’ includes:

  • Cross-platform code generation
  • A customizable web front-end
  • Mobile app generation from existing code
  • Simple web services implementation

But the CA Plex move is another huge leap; not everyone is equipped to scale the mountain in this way.  Moving to CA Plex is the right move, but, by planning a simpler course, you can get where you want to be with lower risk and less cost.


First migrate application to the web with Web Option.    Web Option is tightly integrated with 2E and is a flexible approach to web-enable your screens to give you a strong corporate web presence.  Any CA 2E programmer can generate web pages/applications with Web Option with no additional skills needed.  Then, having achieved one key goal, you can begin to  migrate the model to CA Plex.  The final leg of the journey will bring you to the summit where you can build full-feature web and mobile applications with CA Plex and CM WebClient.  Prevent altitude sickness for your users and developers by taking a measured approach to modernization.


6th CA 2E/Plex Worldwide Developer Conference

The 2E/Plex Conference will take place in Long Island, New York, November 12-14 2013 at the CA Headquarters in Islandia. This is a very profitable time for anyone in the 2E or Plex world.  There will be many great sessions on from experts in the field.

I would enjoy meeting all of your there.  I will be teaching a course on Web Option as well as other presentations I will be involved with.

There are normally a great number of people from all over the world at these events. Take the time and visit the site to register for a great time of fun and learning.


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